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Professional Production, Exceptional Events

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Vision and Values

With over ten years in the industry, HRP continually strives to be the best. Here’s what makes us better than the rest:

Passion: Since HRP was just a concept in the minds of a group of musicians, we have been passionate and dedicated to the idea of building something better. We continue to strive to be one of the best and most reputable companies in the Chicago Area, and everyone on staff truly loves what they do.

Attentiveness: As musicians, engineers, and event managers we understand the importance of every detail. We take pride in our commitment to giving each client the personal attention they deserve, and our owners can frequently be found on events -- overseeing production or mixing live shows!

Quality: We have some of the best sound engineers and staff in the Chicago Area. We believe quality is more than how an event looks and sounds -- it’s about our ability to communicate and troubleshoot to ensure clients are always happy.

Consistency: Consistency has been crucial to growing our business, and we recognize it is something clients are looking for. HRP doesn’t just strive to provide great services one time -- our goal is to give you great services time and time again.