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About Us

While playing guitars around a backyard fire, a group of friends discussed starting their own live sound company. There were good companies out there, but they wanted to build something better. Passionate about music and sound, they got to work experimenting with providing their own production. The experiment was a huge success! HRP Chicago has grown from a small live sound provider to a full service production business. As the company expands, HRP continues to be passionate and dedicated to building a business that does it best.

Gordon Higgason, C.F.O

Born into a business family, Gordon was conditioned to be dedicated and detail orientated from a young age. After graduating from the University of Illinois at Chicago with a Degree in Entrepreneurship, Gordon put his skills immediately to work for the live sound industry. His knowledge of business and finance have lead to much of HRP Chicago’s growth and success. And, he’s a pretty good bass player too.

Maxwell Neider, C.O.O.

A “Jack of All Trades” with an Associate Degree in Business Administration, Maxwell manages the warehouse and equipment logistics for HRP. His innovation and optimism have helped build the strong and dedicated crew of HRP. When Max isn’t in the warehouse, you can find him roughing it in the woods with his son’s Boy Scout Troop or playing the guitar around a fire.

The Crew

HRP couldn’t be where it is today without our amazing and experienced crew. We make it a point to train and hire people who are as passionate, experienced, attentive, and motivated as we are. Interested in interning or working for HRP? Contact us to set-up a meeting.